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Payments - Bank Accounts

For Entry Fees

Bank information:   ALPHA BANK

IBAN: GR74-0140-2350-2350-0200-2003-256

Account Number: 23500-200-200-3256


Beneficiary : Elliniki Aerathlitiki Omospondia

Office Address: Dekelia Air Force Base, Tatoiou Ave., 136 71, Acharnes, Athens, Greece

Bank Address : Branch 162 - 172 Patision Str., 112 57 Athens, Greece


For Lodging and Food 

Bank information:   NATIONAL BANK of GREECE

IBAN: GR79-0110-1470-0000-1474-7081-645

Account Number: 147/470816-45


Beneficiary : PAM TOURS Ltd

PAM Tours Address: 52 Patision Str., 106 82, Athens, Greece

Bank Address : Makrigianni Branch (147) - Syngrou Ave 44, 117 42 Athens, Greece


 Please note that all bank charges are the responsibility of the debtor.

Please do mark every payment with "WCh F3P 2019 – Country Name"