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Information about Class F3P AFM

 Also included in the F3P class is a separate event; Aerobatics Freestyle to Music (AFM).

AFM is a timed 2 minute aerobatic flight choreographed to music. Scoring, from 0 – 10, is completed for each of three categories; flying style, artistic quality, and overall impression. Flying style includes the elements of precision, effective use of the full flight envelope, and innovation of new manoeuvres and manoeuvre combinations. The highest scores for artistic quality will be earned when the music includes fast and slow segments and a broad dynamic range, and the flying is well choreographed and synchronized to match the music. Overall impression considers the use of the entire flight area, the use of special effects, interaction and reaction of the crowd, and the fluidity of transitions.

For this event in 2019, this sub-class will be a separate World Championship.