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 The event will take place at “Heraklion Sports Arena” located at Heraklion City in the island of Crete. dyoaorakiaworks6th

Exact GPS Position of this sports facility:




Heraklion Sports Arena is located in an area named “2 Aorakia” in the vicinity of the Nea Alikarnassos town of Heraklion City. It is very close to the International Airport and the Port of Heraklion and only 10 minutes by car from the city center.

Available seats (stands fully extended) are for 5.000 spectators and it is the only Arena in the area that can host big sports events since it was built following Olympic Games specs. There are parking lots for cars and a lot of facilities for the athletes and the spectators. It is equipped with two big led color screens which will be used for the event to display the scores and live video. 

AGP 7107 AGP 7108 AGP 7115

Besides the main hall the arena has an extra side hall which will also be available for the FAI F3P World Championships. The dimensions are the same as the main hall but there aren’t stands for spectators. It may be used for training purposes or for running two flight lines simultaneously. The exact use of this extra hall will be decided later on, depending on the number of competitors who will participate. 


VIP rooms, Press conference facilities and a number of dress rooms will be available also for this event.  

Available space for the F3P event at the “Heraklion Sports Arena” is:


  • Length: 50 m
  • Width: 36 m
  • Height: 18 m

Those dimensions are fulfilling the requirements set in the Sporting Code.